Your new flat roof is one of the most important investments you will make for your building or home. Your flat roof keeps the weather outside. When flat roofs leak they stop production, cause dangerous situations and destroy interior belongs such as expensive equipment and machinery. Leaks can cause an endless list of problems and are very expensive to fix. A leak can rot the metal decking, trusses, support structure, ceiling tiles, and drywall. They can cause electric failures and create fire hazards. As a customer, we know that you want to repair or replace for your flat roof, and then forget about leakage for a long time.

What good is a new flat roof without a strong warranty? Why do most flat roofing companies give 2 – 5 year warranties on their roofs? We ask the same questions.

With a short warranty you are on your own after the initial warranty is over. This means all repairs to the roof system are now in your hands and this can be extremely expensive. Through installation experience spanning over decades we can offer extremely long warranties on our roof systems. That is why we have by far the longest flat roof warranties this industry has ever seen. True 100% no nonsense, non pro-rated leak free warranties that are renewable forever.

The longest renewable warranty is on our TOUGHROOF hot asphalt system. This is a classic multi layer BUR (built up roof) hot asphalt roof system designed by us with state of the art reinforcements, hot asphalt and white elastomeric coating and/or white marble sunscreen.  Hot asphalt has been our staple roof system since the beginning and we are masters of installing these types of flat roofs.

We take many variables into account when estimating your flat roof. Drainage, sun, wind, rain, ice and snow are all factors in the life cycle of your roof and are addressed. When receiving multiple estimates on your flat roof project, from large flat roof projects right down to residential homes be sure you choose someone who will give you a warranty that protects you for years and years.

With us, you receive a written and signed warranty at the completion of the roof project. Our warranties are 100% non pro-rated and fully transferable. It is our promise to you that your new roof will not give you any problems for a very long time.