For over 150 years hot asphalt roof systems or Built Up Roof Systems (BUR) have been used to keep the elements out of buildings with flat and low sloped roofs. BUR Systems use several layers of hot asphalt and a reinforcing material, including a pea gravel sunscreen. This reliable and long lasting roof system, when installed correctly, has the longest service life of any flat roofing system on the market today.

The TOUGHROOF flat roofing system was designed over 4 generations by the Sheridan family in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Four generations of flat roofing in Canada has taught this family what works in flat roofing and what doesn’t. After seeing massive failures from all of the new flat roofing systems, the TOUGHROOF commercial flat roof system was born.

To date no one has improved upon the service life expectancy of a BUR flat roof system, until now. The TOUGHROOF flat roofing system is a traditional BUR multi-ply hot asphalt roof system with highly improved materials in its makeup, making it the highest performance roof on the market. The TOUGHROOF system takes all of the good components from the most trusted flat roof system (BUR) and makes a roof system that is stronger, longer lasting and environmentally friendly. While other roofers where looking at different roof systems the Sheridan family were looking at ways to improve the already die hard hot asphalt roof system, and at the same time, keeping the TOUGHROOF system competitive.

TOUGHROOF using Polara Reinforcement holds Factory Mutual Approval, Under Writers Labs Class A Approval. Materials are made under ASTM Standards.

Single Ply Systems

Single layer or single ply roof systems, ie TPO is a very white reflective roof but very thin and prone to leaks in a very short lifespan. Warranty is pro-rated and worded in a way that coverage becomes very minimal.

Torch Down Systems

This type of roof system uses propane troches that can burn down your building. Torch down systems are seamed and are very prone to leaks. Torch down systems do not have high reflectivity, their white granular system is actually grey and not white.

Traditional Hot Asphalt and Gravel Systems

Traditional Hot Asphalt & Gravel systems (BUR) are a trusted long lasting flat roof system, except that the pea gravel sun screen does not reflect the sun’s rays, it absorbs it and turns it into heat contributing to the Urban Heat Island Effect. The reinforcement material ie, felt paper or tar paper does not have high elasticity and will aid in the tar or asphalt cracking in the winter. Low Warranty from manufacturers as they do not support the roofing contractor.