Roof Check Program

This is a highly successful program we have implemented to ensure a trouble free flat roof for our customers. Our Roof Check Program was designed to keep watch on your flat roof for the remainder of your roof warranty. A Roof Check is a free multi point inspection to make sure that your roof is holding up through the years.

All our new flat roof installations include our Roof Check Program. This consists of an inspection every 5 years. We will send a specialist to your jobsite to see how your roof is doing.

Our Roof Check consists of multiple inspection details such as:

Overall roof appearance: blistering, cracking, heaving, asphalt deterioration, missing gravel on BUR roofs, softness underfoot, traffic damage, opened seams and tears on single ply and torch downs roofs etc.

Vertical details:  penetration damage, canted wall and edge asphalt leaching, metal flashing damage, caulking needed, membrane damage around pipes and edges etc.

Drainage:  downpipe damage, missing or damaged leaf strainers, high wear at drains, ponding water, interior plumbing leakage, etc.
Infrared Scans: building heat loss from deteriorated insulation and leak detection

Vent, HVAC and penetration inspection.  Broken or damaged vent hoods, exhaust stack vents, HVAC ductwork, gas and electrical connections, worn out pipes etc.

Gravity damage: roof damaged by pressure from improper installations such as: satellite dishes, HVAC equipment, extractor vents, signs etc.

This is a partial list of things we will check; you will receive a more in depth multi-point inspection report covering everything about your flat roof. If repairs are needed, we will repair what is needed, the best part is there is no cost to you.