The Ontario FIT solar energy program

Our ultra white elastomeric coated multi-layered TOUGHROOF System was designed for solar installation purposes. This ultra tough, highly reflective roof system is the perfect flat roof for any solar installation because it has the longest warranty in the business – 20 years, your solar panels will run more efficiently, due to the highly reflective nature of our white coating and white marble sunscreens; producing better yields and it is a multi-layered, seamless roof system, which means Mother Nature can’t get in to your building.

Building Owners
Solar companies want to lease your roof space for solar panel installation on top of our TOUGHROOF Flat Roofing Systems. You can either pay for your flat roof up front and receive monthly lease cheques from the solar company or in some cases you can roll the roof into the lease, don’t pay anything now and the roof will be taken out of the lease payments over time. These are great times for commercial/ industrial building owners.

Roof requirements for solar installation companies.
You must have an extremely watertight roof system in place at the time of installation. It must be a highly reflective white roof system to meet the solar manufactures minimum requirements for reflectivity. It must have a 20 year warranty to insure it is a watertight roof system. The roof system must not have any warranty stipulations about solar array installations and maintenance. The roof system must be tough enough to allow foot traffic for technicians to install and maintain the solar arrays.

The TOUGHROOF Flat Roofing System meets and exceeds all of these requirements.

TOUGHROOF System attributes for solar installation companies are as follows.

  • TOUGHROOF is the strongest roof system ever created for flat and low slope roofs.
  • Our white elastomeric coating and white marble sunscreen we have the highest reflectivity rating in Canada of any roof system available to date. (89%- 95% solar radiation reflectivity)
  • The TOUGHROOF System warranty doesn’t have stipulations about solar installations and foot traffic whatsoever.  (It’s bullet proof)
  • The TOUGHROOF System has a 20 year no nonsense non prorated 100% leak free fully renewable warranty.
  • The TOUGHROOF comes with our Roof check program. (See the Roof check tab for details)
  • The TOUGHROOF System is not expensive.
  • We have large scale solar installation experience in Canada.
  • You deal with actual roofers, not large manufacturers sales staff that have no true onsite roofing experience.
  • We stand behind the TOUGHROOF System and back it with 24/7/365 support.
  • We have all the information you need to get that solar array from the lead chasing stage to the full roof array installation.
  • We will be behind you at all stages of your solar installations.

If you are a solar array installer or building owner please contact us.

Let’s turn Canada GREEN together.